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To find upgraded compatible laptop chargers of the well known brand GATEWAY LaptopChargerFactory is the right place. GATEWAY laptop users can easily replace their old and troubleshooting chargers and adapters with our products and enjoy computing incessantly. We bring a unique collection of compatible GATEWAY laptop charger in the UK that can filter input line voltage spikes and protect itself from short circuit. We have designed our products with a range of amazing features which is sure to amuse GATEWAY customers.

GATEWAY chargers require adaptability and reliability so we have included an assortment of features also by meeting the original technical specifications. So, be assured that you are buying a quality product. Additionally, for your convenience we have also included the option to choose the power cord length.

You can buy a GATEWAY laptop charger in the UK from us with confidence because we offer all our products with a warranty period and FREE RETURN SHIPPING service. And for our customers we offer 1 year technical service absolutely FREE!

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Are you facing issues with your Gateway Laptop Charger?

Gateway laptops are widely favored by users and customer as being one of the most affordable laptop brands in the market today. Gateway laptops come in a variety of models that also have different peripherals. Most customers agree that gateway laptop chargers that they buy online require replacements almost within a time frame of 12-14 months. When buying portable replacement gateway laptop chargers online, it is, therefore recommended that the customer check for the lowest prices online at the lowest prices from reputed manufacturers like laptop charger factory. The top four common Issues that are most frequently reported about Gateway laptop chargers are listed below. The information is collated by the technical experts at Laptop Charger Factory, one of the leading laptop adapter manufacturers in the UK offering different kinds of Gateway laptop chargers at the lowest prices online.

Charger Plugged in Not Charging

This is by far the most common problem that users face with Gateway laptop chargers. Gateway laptop chargers come in different models and their power capacities are entirely dependent on the models of the laptops they are made for. These may range from 65W to 120W. The first step is to make sure that your laptop charger is well and properly connected with the wall unit, the transformer box and the laptop socket. If it well connected and the problem still persists, you are likely to require changing the battery of your laptop. IF the problem still persists, turn off your laptop, removethe battery and then check if the laptop works fine, else, you may need to replace the laptop adapter.

Charger Cord Tears or Gets Frayed Easily

This is also a common issue that is faced by most users when using a gateway laptop charger. Most gateway laptop charger cables are comparatively thinner and more frail than most other laptop brands. As a result, the Gateway laptop chargers are usually unable to withstand rough handling, which is a given for most laptop users. Being extra-sensitive to wear and tear, gateway laptop chargers are prone to damage because of their weak cables. A good idea is to be careful when using it and secondly, more importantly, if you have a problem, you should replace the cable immediately to avoid inconvenience.

Transformer Box Cracks Easily

Gateway laptops, being one of the most affordable laptop chargers in the world, usually come with peripherals that are not extremely durable and resistant to regular and rough usage. As a result, the transformer box, which is the large box of the charger that is the most prominent part of the laptop charger, cracks easily and over time, even with regular usage. It is important that you replace the laptop charger as soon as you notice cracks in the transformer box because it houses the internal circuitry of the charger and could damage your laptop if left ignored.

Connector Pin Loosens Easily

Gateway laptop chargers connector pins are notorious for loosening their compact connection with the laptop socket within a few months of usage. While you can replace the connector pin, it is usually not advisable because it doesn't work most of the time. Instead, it is advisable to buy a replacement genuine authentic laptop charger from laptop charger factory.