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Dell Laptop Charger

Get the latest series and models of DELL adapters and DELL laptop chargers at attractive price. Our products are manufactured after following indigenous technical specifications so that they meet your requirements easily. We always prioritise quality and safety standards and follow the CE standards. So, you can be best assured that you are buying quality and safety at pocket friendly price.

We have an extensive collection of series of DELL adapters and charger so that you can buy a DELL laptop charger online in the USA in a hassle-free manner. Just type the specification of the products and get your product at your door steps.

Our DELL laptop chargers have certain amazing key features which is sure to make your computing experience quite exciting. They are designed to keep your charger or adapter safe during fluctuation of voltage because they can filter the voltage spikes and also provide protecting against overload. Interestingly, it has automatic reset for shut down conditions.

The DELL laptop charger price we offer is the lowest in the USA. Apart from the lowest price offered all our products comes with 1 (one) year warranty period and easy and FREE return shipping policy. So, place your order now and be assured of quality products.

Dell Laptop Chargers - Buyer’s Guide and Known Issues

Customers who had bought Dell laptop chargers from their stores or purchased them online at their regular prices in the past years, i.e., 2006 to 2009 have had some notable issues with them. We have noted some of the aspects that dell laptop chargers have had over the years in paragraphs below, in the hope that our users and customers will find them useful.

Dell has consistently been among the top three PC manufacturers in the world since the late nineties. This is largely because of the great performance of their PCs. At the same time, a major flaw in their original laptop chargers has been their peripherals, particularly, their laptop chargers, which have caused significant complaints and negative reviews from customers all over the world.

Overheating - Dell laptop chargers have a tendency to overheat very fast. This means that the components of their transformer box as well as the cabling are usually unable to bear any stress of high voltage flow. This more than often causes them to overheat very fast. Although this is common to a lot of laptop brands, it is more specific to Dell chargers. Some manufacturers like Laptop Charger Factory have found a viable solution in manufacturing genuine and authentic Dell laptops with improved heat management.

Catching Fire - Dell has had to place massive recalls on its laptop chargers more than once, and has almost come on the verge of facing lawsuits from consumers because of its laptop chargers catching fire. A lot of customers who did not pay adequate attention in placing their orders from defective batches have suffered their laptop chargers and batteries catching fire during operation. A particularly strange aspect of this happens to be that this problem with Dell laptops have recurred periodically since the early 2000s till as late as 2014 in the UK. While the parent brand has issued repeated apologies and product recalls, more and more customers are choosing to buy their Dell laptop chargers online at the lowest prices from reputed laptop adapter manufacturers and laptop sellers like laptop charger factory. This trend is only expected to grow and if you are considering buying a replacement or even an additional adapter for your laptop, you should choose such a manufacturer.

Sparks - Sparks don’t just mean the above or overheating of the laptop charger before it catches fire, as you would usually expect. However, as many Dell customers have experienced, rather unpleasantly, there are repeated sparks that are seen when the power cord is even slightly twisted, especially near the strain relief areas of the laptop charger and the connector. This problem is even more pronounced if your wall connector has voltage fluctuations or earth-polarity issues. A long term effect of this would be that the motherboard, processor and other crucial components of the laptop would become damaged beyond possible recovery.

Laptop charger factory’s Dell laptop chargers have received positive reviews and comments from customers for more than four years now, and are widely renowned for their durability and performance under even harsh conditions.

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