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Compatible ASUS brand laptop charger now only at £16.99. Get the latest series and models of ASUS laptop chargers with us with amazing offers. Yes! We are a leading stocking and dealer of ASUS laptop charger in the UK and our offers are economical. So, why buy those sleazy chargers when you can own quality and safety guaranteed power adapters and chargers at pocket friendly price.

All our accessories come with original technical specifications for better functionality and are CE certified that says it is completely safe. Our products are made from the top quality materials that provide adaptability, dependability and reliability. Also designed light weight for users so that they can easily carry while they travel.

With us you can buy a ASUS laptop charger online that has amazing features. The adapters and chargers has automatic reset feature for shut down conditions and designed with features to protect your notebook against electrical hazards. It is also built to surpass the output power of your notebook’s AC adapter. We have considered the technology that can continue functioning even in the Harshest Mobile Environments.

We offer 1 year warranty period with all our products and FREE LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT. So, don’t miss our laptop charge price and offers!

Important Considerations - Be Careful when purchasing your replacement Asus laptop charger!

Asus laptops are widely known for their performance and durability for being among the most preferred laptops across the world by all kinds of users. Although this is supported by a huge number of customer reviews all over, a lot of customers have also noted that their Asus laptops chargers don't have the longevity that their laptops have, and are largely disappointed by the fact that their laptop chargers don't last long enough.

The technical experts at LAPTOP CHARGER FACTORY have collected and compiled a list of the most common problems and challenges that our regular customers face, when buying their ASUS laptop chargers, for their users' reference. We strongly advise that you, as the reader, read through carefully and refer to the issues mentioned, if you are in the process of planning your purchase of an ASUS laptop adapter from one of the most renowned laptop adapter manufacturers in the world online at the best prices, like LAPTOP CHARGER FACTORY.

Wide Model Range - Asus has, by far, one of the widest model ranges of laptops in the world, surpassed only by HP, and therefore, there is a high likelihood of an error in ordering for replacement laptop chargers. Therefore, customers should be extremely careful when choosing their laptop peripherals and replacement chargers. This is compounded by the fact that many of the laptops have similar sounding model names and serial numbers.

Compatible Battery Packs- Not all the battery packs of all Asus laptop charger models are compatible with each other. For example, a majority of the ASUS laptops use NiCad Battery packs. Another important fact that many of the customers are not aware of is that some of the higher end ASUS laptop battery packs contain Lithium Ion battery packs, which typically provide longer battery run time but also take comparatively less time to charge. The replacement laptop charger that you buy from a renowned laptop manufacturer like laptop charger factory online at the best prices, therefore, must be completely compatible with the chemical composition of your battery pack. This is important, because otherwise, your laptop adapter will not work properly with your battery pack and hence, will render it inefficient and unusable.

Internal Circuitry- The black transformer box that forms the most prominent part of your laptop adapter houses the most important electrical components that enable your laptop charger to function smoothly under different conditions. As a buyer, this is one issue that you would want to pay careful attention to, if you are not buying a replacement ASUS laptop charger online from the parent brand store or from reliable and renowned manufacturers such as Laptop Charger Factory. There is a digital chip embedded in every ASUS laptop adapter that has its own unique imprint. This chip bears a unique number and is unique to every adapter. Advanced Technology ensures that the unique identifier chip will only work with the specific model of laptop. It is recommended, therefore, that you buy your ASUS laptop charger online only from reputed manufacturers like Laptop Charger Factory that are technologically sound and whose chargers are compliant to this factor.