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Asus Laptop Charger

Keep your ASUS laptop charger powered with our high quality and compatible laptop batteries. Find the latest series and model of ASUS laptop chargers in the US with us and plug your laptop for an amazing computing experience. The compact power adapters are designed to ensure that they are handy and it powers up your laptop for long hours.

We know that buying a perfectly fit and flawless adapter or laptop charger online is the need of laptop users. That's why we stock all the series and models of laptop manufacturer brand ASUS which are not even easily available at stores. The accessories are designed with technical specifications so that it perfectly fits and support your laptop. Our power ASUS AC Adapter/Charger is authentic and made of premium quality. The power cord comes with guarantees to meet the needs of the 100% original specifications and provide reliability, adaptability and safety.

One year warranty with all our products is for sure but you will be glad to know that the products have amazing key features. It has automatic reset for shut down conditions and is compatible to protect against humidity and moisture, and also against electrical hazards. What's more? The products are designed to filter input line voltage spikes which can easily control the flow of electricity to your notebook or laptop. Our ASUS adapters and ASUS laptop charger price is highly competitive and its just for our customers.

My experience with Laptop charger selling sites.

Oops! Just the other day I was cleaning my room when I accidentally spilled water on my laptop leaving me with no other choice but to go online to look for an online laptop adapter that I could purchase. For the record, I own an ASUS EE PC notebook, and the product has served me fairly well for many years now. I think we can all agree that ASUS is a great brand that makes products of a very high caliber, and perhaps that is the reason why I had absolutely no idea about the new range of purchasing options that were in vogue for buying a laptop charger online.

Now before we go about how to find the best site to buy your laptop charger online, here’s some quick information about what laptop chargers are and what exactly they do:

An AC Laptop Adapter is a device the converts the incoming Alternating Current from a power socket into direct current and adjusts the electricity to make it suitable for consumption by the circuits in the device. The most common problem being a faulty power supply, it is always advisable to firstly check the power socket of your home or office to make sure that the electricity is transmitting properly. A good idea is to plug in something else and see if it’s working fine.

The next thing that could go wrong is the input cord. Perhaps the last thing to check before you go on to buy your laptop charger online, the input cord is the cord which draws electricity from power sockets and sends it to the adapter. An easy way to check this? Disconnect this cord from the adapter and test the other end with some kind of electrical voltage measurement device. My quest led me to the most obvious place, the Internet.

AC adapter is a device that converts the AC current coming from power socket into direct current (DC) and adjusts the electricity to make it suitable for your laptop. If this too is working well, it may be time for you to buy another laptop charger online. However, laptop adapter cases are break proof and you can rarely break into one without causing serious and permanent damage. The best possible option is for you is to go online and buy your laptop chargers from reputed sites like!

Some quick pointers for your quick reference when you want to buy your laptop charger online: The safest way to get to a new laptop adapter online is for you to search for the same laptop charger item number as the original one that came with your laptop. If you cannot find it at the usual online stores, the best option is to call manufacturers like laptop charger factory and visit their sites, where you can buy very high quality laptop prices online.

Always be careful about buying a new adapter with a different voltage with your laptop, unlike most of the other accessories, a wrong laptop charger voltage power supply has the potential to completely destroy your laptop. Better call the customer care numbers for your laptop purchases from reputed sites like

Asus Laptop Charger - What You Should be Careful about When Purchasing

ASUS laptops have a reputation for being among the best laptop brands around for durability and performance. Customers who have bought ASUS laptop chargers online or at their local store, however, have often noticed that their ASUS laptop adapters don’t have the same level of durability as their laptops. The most often seen issues in ASUS laptop chargers are mentioned in the following paragraphs for our user’s reference. We suggest you read through, if you are planning to buy an ASUS laptop charger online at the best prices from a reputed manufacturer like laptop charger factory:

Model - ASUS has probably y the second widest range of laptops and tablets after HP and therefore, customer should be very careful about which model of laptop or tablet they want to buy. Since many of them have very similar sounding names and serial numbers, the model and make when purchasing the laptop charger is very important

Laptop Battery Pack Compatibility - the Laptop battery pack compatibility is also an important factor when choosing your laptop charger online. ASUS laptops mostly use Nickel Cadmium Battery Packs, while some of the higher end models also include Lithium Ion battery packs. As a result, your laptop adapter must be compatible with the chemical structure of your battery pack’s components. An easy way of making sure this is the case is to carefully read the label at the bottom of the laptop itself.

DIGITAL CHIPSET - This is a complex and technical issue that you would face as a buyer if you are not buying your ASUS laptop charger online either from the parent brand store or from reliable and reputed manufacturers of ASUS laptop adapters such as Laptop Charger Factory. All ASUS laptop chargers come with a digitally imprinted chipset which is specific and unique to a single model and make only, and the laptop is programmed internally to recognize the presence of the chipset in the laptop adapter. While this is included as a safety measure, it also makes most of the other laptop charger manufacturers’ adapters dysfunctional on an ASUS laptop. Only technically sound manufacturers, like Laptop Charger Factory, include a special chipset in built into their laptops to specifically match the model of the laptop, therefore ensuring proper functioning.

REPLACEMENT - Many ASUS personal computer peripherals, including their laptop chargers, are often made by third party equipment manufacturers and licensed by the parent brand. This means that there is often a high likelihood that the charger that came with the product or a replacement charger may not function. As such, the customer is expected to immediately contact ASUS or the seller for replacement. This is where a customer friendly replacement clause helps the customer get the replacement smoothly without any hassles. Laptop charger factory, a reputed and award winning laptop adapter manufacturer and online seller, offers some of the best replacement policies online.

Cables and Pins - ASUS sells replacement chargers which have comparatively thinner cabling and pins than the original ones that come with the product. It is advisable that customers specify the purpose of their usage of their laptop adapter online so that it lasts as long as they expect it to.

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