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Laptop Charger Factory

Laptop Chargers - Frequently Asked Questions, All You Need To Know and the Smart Shopper's Guide to buying your Laptop Charger

Your laptop is largely dependent on its power supply, also called PSU or the Power Supply Unit. These portable computers, while making our lives extremely mobile and productive, come with their own maintenance requirements and headaches that we as users, should not ignore. The batteries, or rather, battery packs that come with these adapters are only worth the electrical charge they hold. Very often, they need to be recharged repeatedly. Especially for future usage and this is precisely the reason why it is important for a user to frequently use a laptop charger to keep recharging the battery pack to ensure that the laptop functions properly.

Why is it called a Laptop Adapter?

A laptop adapter is essentially a controller and converter. Which means, in simple terms, that the laptop adapter controls the flow of electricity into the battery pack of your laptop? Besides this, it also converts the alternating current electricity to direct current electricity in your laptop. AC is the electric current that flows from your power source and DC being the direct current that goes into your laptop battery pack. The important difference between these two types of power is that laptops cannot use the Alternating Current that flows from the wall power socket since it keeps alternating many times every second. It needs direct current that does not alternate at all in between its circuits, to function properly. It is important to note here that all laptops manufactured today work exclusively on DC electric currents. Therefore, the necessity of a laptop adapter for a smooth functioning laptop cannot be ignored by any user. However, there are also DC laptop chargers that fit into wall sockets that provide DC power directly. Customers looking to buy the best laptop adapter online also have the option of using a universal power adapter. These adapters work on both AC and DC current sockets.

The Different Types of Laptop Chargers Available:

Almost all laptops come with their own chargers that are supplied by the manufacturer. However, most of these last for only about a year, making it necessary for the user to make another laptop adapter purchase. Most of these laptop chargers are not covered by the extended warranty of the said laptop. Therefore, the laptop user is required to purchase a different laptop. Most laptop users prefer to buy their laptop chargers online, and choose to buy either of the following kinds of laptop chargers when they are making their purchases online:

1. Travel Chargers - These are laptop chargers that can be purchased online from specialized manufacturers like laptop charger factory and are generally smaller in size than most laptop chargers that come from the laptop manufacturers.

2. Solar Chargers - These are solar powered, ecofriendly and are becoming increasingly popular among environment conscious and green-friendly users. Solar chargers are also purchased by many users when they are travelling to remote locations or camping outdoors.

3. Chargers Working with USB Ports- Laptop chargers that work on USB ports are probably the fastest growing segment in the laptop charger market today. A USB laptop charger has huge advantages in terms of usability, portability and availability. One can either use it from a USB port that is connected to a wall socket, or even from a computer or any other device that has a USB port outlet, as most devices have today. One of the biggest advantages of a USB laptop charger is that it connects to almost all portable power banks, which means that the USB laptop charger that you buy online from authentic laptop manufacturers such as laptop charger factory can be used with a portable power bank even when you do not have any electricity supply available nearby.

What you Absolutely Must Know When Buying a Laptop Charger Online:

Buying a Laptop Charger is like an almost inevitable task that every laptop owner will undertake. Therefore, it always helps to know what exactly to watch out for, when making the purchase of the laptop adapter online.

1. Voltage - The voltage of a laptop adapter is the most important thing that you need to check when buying your laptop adapter online, of course, after you have confirmed the make and model of your laptop charger. Most users mistake the voltage of the chargers or do not pay attention to the laptop charger's voltage capacity when they are buying laptop chargers online. It is always important to check the voltage of the laptop charger that you are buying online.

2. Socket Pin - This is the second aspect of buying the right laptop charger online that most users often ignore. The most common Socket Pin sizes for laptop chargers that you may choose to buy online from authentic laptop manufacturers and sellers like laptop charger factory are 5.5X2.5, 5.5X 1.7 and 5.5X4.4., although these are mostly specific to the brand of laptop that you currently own.

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